FASST: Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier

Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier
Promoting the Arts in the Southern Tier of NY

       Self Portrait,  oil

     Berries in a Glass Bottle,  oil

Still Life with Red Tea Kettle,  oil

Evergreen, Colorado,  oil

Carol Freije

Carol Freije was born on the South Side of Binghamton during the depression.  The only child of doting parents, her interest in art was sparked by the crayons, coloring books, black board and chalk she was given to play with. But working and raising children kept her from pursuing that interest until much later.

When circumstances allowed, she took a water color class with Paul Elliot.  That  led to a week-long workshop with Trevor on the West Coast of Ireland, and a more serious engagement with her artwork.  She studied locally with Michael Tanzer for eight years in the 1960s, and in the 1980s and 90s participated in three painting workshops out West.  One was in Pueblo Colorado with Ron Hicks, a figurative oil painter of note, and two with celebrated oil painter Ron Sahli in Evergreen, Colorado.

A FASST member for 50 year, Carol says, “I've also been blessed with a long life, still able to paint and learn in my golden years, thank God.”