FASST: Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier

Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier
Promoting the Arts in the Southern Tier of NY


Born in 1943, I went to parochial schools, graduated in 1961, voted most talented girl. Married and became a mother to 5 children. Went to work at Lourdes Hospital and retired in 2019, three months before my 75th birthday.

It was then that I finally able to devote my time to art.

Before my retirement and in my younger years, I was determined I would learn how to make things from scratch, I learned how to crochet, bake bread from scratch, make pasta from scratch and bake an apple pie from scratch. I upholstered a sofa, and made jewelry, which my co-workers loved and purchased from me at the local hospital craft fair. I could just never concentrate on one thing, I wanted to know how to do it all.

Even now, with my art, I find it hard to settle on just one form of medium, I want to know how to do more. Thank God for YOUTUBE. I started out with acrylic on canvas, using black and white acrylic and called it MY MANY SHADES OF GREY COLLECTION. Then I went to using color and learning how to do simple landscapes and flow art. From there I went to working with watercolors and doing portraits of all the family and friend’s pets. Then it was doing all the individual family members. Most of my art has been given as gifts for birthdays, and Christmas.

My home is my gallery and I am running out of room so I had to learn how to do something else, so I am concentrating on Baubles.  There is nothing quite like learning something new and hoping it will be enjoyed.